Why Grisanti Capital Management?


Intense Research, Concentrated Portfolio

Our approach is to invest in only a few companies (usually less than 20) after extensive research.  We discard over 90% of the companies we investigate and then we hold our few, concentrated investments for an average of three years.

 Strong Performance 

By only owning a small number of companies, and not the whole market, we can invest where we think the value will be created over our three year investment horizon.  That has led to outperformance over the market since-inception (in 1999).

 Experience and Ownership 

Our five investment professionals have an average of over 20 years on Wall Street.  Chris Grisanti founded the firm in 1999 and used his own equity to buy out his two partners in 2011.

 Client Focused 

We manage separate accounts for each client, because the needs of one wealthy family, endowment or institution may be different from those of another.  We are accessible, responsive and, most importantly, able to tailor an account to your individual needs and goals.

Our Philosophy 

Some managers emphasize good returns; others a relationship you can count on.  We believe that trust and performance should both be part of the investment management relationship.  You ought to know how you are doing from quarter to quarter, and we will be transparent about your investments (just read our quarterly letters for an example).  Open communication creates trust, and trust itself can lead to better performance over the long term, because its presence means we can take long term contrarian investments that, by their very nature, are out of favor and disliked when we buy them.  Your trust helps avoid emotional reactions that lead to poor returns.  Our goal is to succeed by making you money over the long term in as safe a way as possible.  We want to earn your trust by managing your money intelligently, explaining what we are doing, and being responsive to your needs.


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