Our History

Grisanti Capital Management LLC (“GCM”) is an independently owned investment advisor registered with the SEC.  GCM was co-founded in 1999 by Chris Grisanti to serve High Net Worth Individuals, Endowments and Foundations. In late 2011, using his own capital, Chris Grisanti bought out the interests of the two other partners and now owns 100% of the firm.

GCM has two products, both of which are GIPS-compliant; The Large Cap Value Portfolio and the High Income Equity Portfolio.  We are long-term investors with a 3 to 4 year time horizon and have a strong, proven track record in varied market environments.

Large Cap Value Portfolio

Grisanti Capital Management’s belief is that the market is generally efficient and there are limited opportunities that combine superior upside potential with acceptable risk. This leads us to perform in-depth analysis and reject more than 90% of researched ideas. We look for this infrequent combination in two ways: either identifying securities selling at a discount to their current asset value or at a discount to their future cash flows.

Our process is bottom-up, and each company must have its own compelling investment thesis. Often we identify investable trends in the economy, which combine compelling macro dynamics with equity valuations that are attractive on either cash flow or asset value metrics. These themes, such as the American Oil Renaissance, the American Manufacturing Renaissance, Cable/Satellite/Telcomm Providers and the Rebirth of American Airlines, usually last for a multi-year period.

GCM has managed a concentrated portfolio of 15 to 25 stocks since the firm was founded in 1999. The stocks in the portfolio are predominantly large cap holdings ( >90%). No one position is to exceed 8% at the time of purchase. Stocks are held for an average of 3 to 4 years. Our portfolio is not index driven and does not mimic benchmarks, which is the primary reason for GCM’s long-term record of outperformance.

High Income Equity Portfolio

The Grisanti Capital Management High Income Equity Portfolio has three guiding principles: 1) to protect capital in turbulent markets, 2) to provide potential for capital appreciation with a degree of stability, and 3) to generate better than average current income.  This conservative approach is designed to deliver a steady return in various market environments.  The product is not designed to “keep up with the market.” Rather, this product is designed for investors seeking some equity exposure with less risk and higher income. It will tend to outperform the overall market (as measured by the S&P 500 Index) in periods of declining or volatile prices, and it will tend to lag behind (but still appreciate) in sharply rising markets. It offers equity exposure with less volatility and a high dividend yield.


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